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Jobartis was born with the goal of becoming the number one online recruitment site in Africa. We are an African company, serving the African public. We work closely with employers and institutions to bring the best jobs in several African countries. Our technology makes it easier than ever to find the ideal job or candidate.


Rua Nicolau Gomes Spencer
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Terms and conditions


The service is offered to candidates and companies (hereinafter "CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY") by virtue of the terms and conditions of this Terms and Conditions Agreement and in accordance with the operating rules and provisions published periodically by This document assumes the entire agreement between the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY and and prevails over any prior agreement subscribed by the parties in relation to the subject matter hereof.


The service consists of facilitating job search tools for CANDIDATES and recruiting CANDIDATES for customers, (later THE COMPANIES). These tools include the visualization of job offers on the web (THE PORTAL) and other associated companies of the COMPANIES as well as the sending of candidacies of the CANDIDATES through the PORTAL and their reception and use for the purpose of recruitment by COMPANIES

To this end, the service places at the disposal of the CANDIDATE and the COMPANIES various information services commercial communications of both employment and training and / or other matters or subjects related or not, that the candidate and the company will have granted by subscribing accepting these Terms and Conditions. The CANDIDATE by subscribing to any service of is agreeing unequivocally with the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. Receipt of recruitment and other information may be changed by the applicant and the company at any time.

The PORTAL also allows the registration of the profile of the CANDIDATE with its respective CV that can be accessed by the COMPANY. The CANDIDATE may at any time access your Privacy settings and indicate whether you want your data to be accessible by the COMPANIES or not. Once a CV of a CANDIDATE reaches the COMPANY, the COMPANY can maintain it for as long as it wishes.

COMPANIES may only use for legitimate recruiting purposes. All job vacancies placed must be effectively open and may not involve any cost to CANDIDATES.

Basic services are free to CANDIDATES: If paid services are marketed, these will always be optional. Services are paid to COMPANIES, although can offer free promotions. Any service billed to the COMPANIES must always be previously accepted by them.

The CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY authorizes to retain and use the data of the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY to offer you other services and products. The CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY knows and is aware that the Registration Information is collected, recorded and maintained by The CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with respect to the treatment of their personal data in the web site, accessing the notifications sent by email.


Due to the special conditions of the service, and in order to be able to provide the most appropriate service at any time, may modify the terms and conditions of this agreement, notifying the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY by communicating the changes in the beginning, in such a way that the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY is aware.

Uninterrupted use of by the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY shall constitute a ratification of this document, as amended and modified.


For the same reasons as above, reserves the right to modify or terminate the Service in whole or in part by notifying the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY. shall not be liable to the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY nor to any third party for having exercised its right to modify or terminate the Service.


The applicant and / or company expressly agrees to assume exclusively the entire risk arising from the use of the service, the service is offered on a "as is" and "as available" basis. does not guarantee that the service responds to the requirements of the candidate and / or company nor that the service is not interrupted or that it is safe, timely or free of errors, nor does it guarantee the results obtained from the use of the service, nor the accuracy or reliability of the information obtained through the service. Nor does it guarantee the correctness of defects in the service. expressly denies having offered any warranty, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties arising from the title, fitness for sale, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. The applicant and / or company declares that he / she understands and accepts that any material and / or information downloaded from the system or obtained in any way through the use of the service is at his own risk and will be solely liable for damages that may have been caused in the your computer system or the loss of data caused by the download of material and / or information. does not guarantee any of the goods or services purchased or obtained through the service nor the transactions performed through the service. No recommendation or information obtained by a candidate and / or company, directly from or through the service, either orally or in writing, may constitute a guarantee of if not expressly assumed here.

Companies that enter their job offers on the service are solely responsible for obtaining any type of authorization, permission or license, in case it is necessary for the publication of any of their job offers. They are therefore solely responsible for obtaining the respective administrative authorizations in the field of migration for offers relating to countries which are not members of the European Economic Area and / or the European Union.

Any company that submits an offer that is against the current legality, will assume exclusive responsibility for the damages and consequences derived thereof, exempting from any responsibility.

6. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY shall not be liable for the inability to use, interruption of business or direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including loss of benefits) without regard to the manner in which the (including negligence), liability for the product or in any other manner, even on the assumption that has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


The use of the Service is personal to the CANDIDATE only. THE CANDIDATE MAY ONLY BE A PHYSICAL PERSON AND NOT A COMPANY, COMPANY OR CORPORATION OR ANY OTHER FORM OF A COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION. CANDIDATE agrees not to assign or make any commercial use of the Service without the express consent of


The CANDIDATE is solely responsible for the content of the transmissions through the Service. The use of the service by the CANDIDATE is subject to local, provincial, autonomous, national and international laws and regulations.

The CANDIDATE accepts: (1) not to use the Service for illicit purposes, nor those prohibited in this document; (2) not interfere with, or dismantle, the connected network systems with the Service; (3) comply with all regulations, provisions and procedures of the network systems connected with the Service; (4) protect and take sole responsibility for the security of your passwords, to guarantee the confidentiality of the data included in the SERVICE.

The CANDIDATE will not create obstacles to the use of the Service of another CANDIDATE or the use of similar services by another entity. Jobartis.COM MAY, ON ITS OWN RATING, END THE SERVICE IMMEDIATELY, IF THE CANDIDATE'S CONDUCT DOES NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


The CANDIDATE agrees to indemnify and hold, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and employees harmless from any claim or claim, including reasonable attorneys' fees, presented by third parties as a result of the use of the Service by the CANDIDATE , or by the violation by the CANDIDATE to the established in this agreement, as well as by the violation by the CANDIDATE or another user of the Service by means of the CANDIDATE computer, intellectual property, industrial or any other right of a natural or juridical person.


The COMPANY is solely responsible for the content exposed in the portal The use of the service by the COMPANY is subject to local, provincial, autonomous, national and international laws and regulations.

THE COMPANY agrees: (1) not to use the Service for any unlawful purposes, or those prohibited in this document; (2) not interfere with, or dismantle, the connected network systems with the Service; (3) comply with all regulations, provisions and procedures of the network systems connected with the Service; (4) protect and take sole responsibility for the security of your passwords, to guarantee the confidentiality of the data included in the SERVICE.

The COMPANY will not create obstacles to the use of the Service of another COMPANY nor the use of similar services by another entity. may, in its sole discretion, terminate the service immediately if the conduct of the applicant is not in accordance with these terms and conditions.


The COMPANY agrees to indemnify and hold, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and employees harmless from any claim or claim, including reasonable attorneys' fees, presented by third parties as a consequence of the use of the Service by the COMPANY , or by the infringement by the COMPANY to the established in this agreement, as well as by the infringement by the COMPANY or another user of the Service through the COMPANY computer, intellectual property, industrial or any other right of a natural or legal person.


Both the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY as well as may terminate the Service at any time, without prior notice, with justification or without, and such decision will be effective immediately. shall not be liable to the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY nor to third parties for termination of the Service.

In the event that the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY disagrees with any of the terms and conditions of this agreement or any of its modifications, or if you are not satisfied with the Service, your only immediate recourse is: (1 ) interrupt the use of the service; (2) cancel your subscription to the Service and (3) notify of the term.

Upon termination of the Service, the rights of the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY to use the Service and the software cease immediately.


All notification between the parties must be made in writing and sent either by E-mail or by the post office. may transmit notices or messages through the Service to inform the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY of the changes made to this Agreement, the Service or other matters of importance. The said transmissions will be considered as notifications to the CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY.


The CANDIDATE may maintain correspondence with the COMPANIES that insert their job offers in the Free Service, or selection processes. Such correspondence or participation, including in your case any additional delivery of goods and / or services by the COMPANIES (and payment for them), and any other terms, conditions, warranties relating to such correspondence shall be established solely between the CANDIDATE and COMPANIES. assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever arising from such correspondence or participation.


The CANDIDATE acknowledges that the content, including but not limited to it, of texts, software, music, sound, photographs, video, illustrations and other material found in COMPANY offers or distributed E-mail messages or information commercially produced and presented to the CANDIDATE by the Service ("Content"), by or by the providers of, is supported by intellectual property rights, patents and trademarks and registered trademarks, service marks and other rights derived from intellectual or industrial property; therefore, it is possible for the CANDIDATE to use this Content in the form in which they expressly authorize the Service or the COMPANIES. The CANDIDATE is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute or create creations based on this Content without the Service or the Companies expressly authorize it. The CANDIDATE undertakes not to disable or alter the software of the Service for any concept, nor to allow third parties to do so.


This Agreement shall be governed by Spanish law, and the parties shall submit to any dispute arising from this agreement to the Courts and Courts of Madrid (Spain).

The CANDIDATE and / or COMPANY shall not assign direct or any obligation arising from this agreement, except with the express written consent of Any intention to assign the Agreement without such consent shall be null and void and shall have no effect whatsoever. Notwithstanding the foregoing, shall have the right to assign this Agreement with all its rights and obligations, whether by sale of the service, dissolution, termination, merger of companies or any other form of transmission. This agreement shall be binding and shall have effect between the parties and their respective representatives, heirs, administrators, successors and holders of authorized transmissions, except as provided herein.

If a competent court finds that any provision or provision of this Agreement is contrary to law, such or such provisions shall be redrafted in such a way as to reflect the intentions of the parties as faithfully as possible while the other provisions shall remain in force and enforceable.

On the assumption that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, the valid or enforceable part and the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

Any waiver of any party's (explicit or implicit) right to claim any breach of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of the right to claim for another offense or a subsequent offense. No provision of the Agreement shall be waived by act, omission or unawareness of any of the parties or their representatives or employees, except by means of a written and signed instrument expressly renouncing this provision.

The titles of clauses in this agreement are used only for the convenience of the parties and have no legal or contractual significance.

17. Cookies

Like most sites, we use cookies for a variety of purposes, to improve your online experience, both in terms of analytics and marketing. "Cookies" are pieces of information formed solely by text that a site transfers to a person's hard disk or other navigational equipment on sites for the purpose of record keeping. Cookies allow the site to remember important information that will make your site usage more convenient.

If you do not wish to receive cookies that are not strictly necessary to perform basic functionality of our site, you may opt for self-exclusion by changing your browser settings. Most browsers will accept cookies, but if you do not want us to collect data in this way you can choose to accept all or some cookies or refuse cookies in your browser's privacy settings. However, refusing all cookies means that you may not be able to fully enjoy all the features of our site.

How Jobartis uses cookies:

- Analytical purposes: we use cookies to analyze user activity in order to improve

- User preferences and experience: We use cookies to collect certain information about users, such as browser type, language preference, and country setting, in order to store your user preferences on our site, making your experience more coherent and convenient.

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- Security: We use cookies to limit certain computer attacks.

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18. Information collected

You provide us with different types of information so that we can provide you with our services and features.

Information collected from your account: We collect user data when you create a Jobartis account, request information, subscribe to a service, participate in an inquiry, register your resume, upload content or otherwise send us, data to our site. This can include, in particular, your first and last name, email address, mobile phone number, nationality, gender, professional experience, academic training, among others.

Information collected through your Jobartis activity: We collect your data automatically through cookies when you visit our site, in accordance with your browser's cookie settings.

19. How we use the information collected.

Jobartis uses this information to help Candidates find leads and help Companies find candidates. To do this, we use the data we collect for:

- provide you with our services, products and functionalities to help Candidates find offers and Companies find candidates.

- evaluate and improve these services, products and functionalities.

- protect our users and provide them with customer support.

20. Your rights with respect to your Personal Information

Jobartis users who provide their Personal Data in the EU and those who provide their Personal Data in any other jurisdiction that adopts legislation providing protections equivalent to those existing in the EU may exercise the following rights:

Right of rectification of Personal Data: The user of Jobartis may edit and update most of his Personal data held by Jobartis on the website and, if you have any question or complaint, you can contact us via email: [email protected]

Right of opposition or limitation of Personal Data: if you have any question or complaint regarding the way we process your Personal Data, contact us via email: [email protected]

Access rights and portability of Personal Data: Jobartis users can access most of their Personal data held by Jobartis on the site and, if you have any question or complaint, you can contact us via email: [email protected]

Right to erase Personal Data: Jobartis users may edit and update most of their Personal Data held by Jobartis on the site and, if you have any questions or complaints, you can contact us via email: [email protected]

Restrictions: said rights of rectification, opposition, limitation, access, portability and erasure are subject to certain restrictions, in the terms provided for in the applicable legislation. Individual applications will be completed within the time limit set by the relevant regulationrt when Jobartis confirms your request. When this is permitted, be aware that a fee may be levied for subsequent requests by the same person, to be determined by Indeed and only imposed to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Create a professional CV

Step 1: Contact

This is the simplest phase, where you indicates your personal data. The most important Never forget to update your contact information, namely e-mail and phone.

Enter the date of birth and, in countries like South Africa, the nationality.

In relation to photo, very important to avoid those cut out from other photos or party photos. I thought the photo the image you will have the employer. So put a stylish, professional and nice photo. better not to put a photo than to put one photo .

Step 2: Information on Music

Briefly describe what your key qualities are and why the employer should be interested in hiring you. At this point important to be very succinct so that you do not appear as an arrogant person in the eyes of the employer.

Steps 3 and 4 are interchangeable in function of the importance that you have for your business. each one of them. If you are prouder of the work experience, you should put this section first. Anyone who does not have a lot of professional experience should put the above academic format.

Step 3: Work Expertise

Indicate the company, the sector of the company, its function and the dates in which it worked in the company. Subsequently, describe your responsibilities, in infinitive.

When writing down your responsibilities, you should always maintain consistency with the job.

For example, if you are a Branch Manager many tasks should be combined and could not put document file. In the same way, if you of a company, unlikely to be responsible for the strategic direction of the company.

Step 4: Academic Training

It is advisable to use an inverse chronological order, beginning with your last purchased title, always indicating the start and end dates. For example, first put a postgraduate diploma, then the college diploma, and then the school. Avoid including countless titles. If you still are, to take a course, you can indicate it as a course of study.

And finally, if you have some academic discipline or a high degree of discipline, do not hesitate to put it, because it will stand out from the other candidates.

If you have taken short-term courses relevant to the job in question, you prefer to indicate them in a separate section: Complementary Form

Step 5: Computer and Languages

At this point, important to be completely honest for a simple reason, very easy to verify the verify of what is written, through tests or a simple telephone conversation.

Step 6: Complementary skills

Use this space to indicate aspects of interest about yourself, such as having undertaken a small business, or being part of a sports team, etc.

10 tips for writing a CV

Your CV your first contact with the company. Therefore, which is essential, a good image of you. Think that a potential employer will think that if a person is not capable of producing a good CV, will not be able to do a good job. In the eyes of an employer, wants to give a professional image, so make sure your CV conveys this impression. Therefore, verify that:

1) Your CV does not have spelling / grammatical errors. Nowadays, very simple with a program to check such errors.

2) Be clear in the CV organization.

3) Contact information is current. If it contacted by an employer and your contact is outdated, there will be no second chance.

4) Avoid speaking with technical vocabulary. Always remember that the first person from the company to receive your resume will be of the Human Resources team.

5) Be honest, if you are unemployed, put the last job you had.

6) Always include a contact email. In today's world, those who do not have an e-mail address are outside the scope of many companies.

7) Create a serious e-mail address. Avoid [email protected] addresses or [email protected] .

8) Include all relevant information but as briefly as possible. Discard the extensive vocabulary and information without importing it to the vacancy in question.

9) Highlight positive elements of your career, whether academic, as a prize at the university as professionals, such as the mention of the best employee of the month.

10) Do not overload the CV of colors, shapes, drawings, etc.

Make a good interview

  1. Always arrive early. If you arrive late, the interviewer may have to stop by without giving a proper attention to his / her application.
  2. Prepare information about the company you are conducting the interview in. Always very useful for asking intelligent questions.
  3. Wear stylish, neat clothes, but do not overdo it. Do not bring too flashy complements, may make the interviewer think that you are a vain person.
  4. Take an extra CV. In the interviews, it is very common to make a revision to your curriculum. Prepare the answers on your CV, you can leave no point without justification.
  5. Make an effort to remember the names of all the people to whom you belong. presented during the interview. always a sign of interest highly appreciated by the interviewers. If you did not get a name, ask again.
  6. Pass on enthusiasm. Be nice and greet people with a smile.
  7. Speak clearly and confidently. Before you speak, think about what you are going to say and express yourself with confidence.
  8. Be honest. If you do not know the answer to a question, be honest and acknowledge it, honesty, one of the values most appreciated by employers.
  9. Give all the attention to the interviewer. Keep eye contact at all times and follow your words with gestures of understanding.
  10. Ask interesting questions. The type of questions and infinity, here are some examples:
    1. What are the goals you expect from me?
    2. For what area of the company am I contracted for, will I be in contact with other company's organizations?
    3. How will I be evaluated?
    4. What are the current challenges of the company? What about my area?
    5. What are my possibilities for growth within the company?
  11. And to end. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity and send a thank-you email.
  12. And last, always avoid:
    1. Bringing family or friends
    2. Ask questions about working hours and payment
    3. Neglect former colleagues or bosses
    4. Desperate opinion
    5. Interrupt the interviewer

Types of CV

Surely you should have asked yourself how to organize your information better. The answer is that there is no globally accepted way, there are different models for different people.

In any case, there are 2 types of CV that are the most used. These are:

Chronological Curriculum

The most common and easiest type of curriculum. The professional experience and the academic formation are placed in chronological order, generally inverse, that is, with the most recent first. Typically, this type of CV is for people with less than 15 years of work experience.

Professional experience and academic training should be put into place to the extent that it is important for you. Each one of them. Those who are most proud of the work experience should put this section first. Those who do not have much professional experience should put the above academic format.

Join today, and see two models of chronological curriculum. You will find them in the last stage of the registration process.

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Functional Curriculum

In this type of CV are grouped the different functional areas performed by the candidate, highlighting them by large blocks, each corresponding to a type of function.

The advantage of this format is which allows you to highlight clearly where your main professional competences reside.

Therefore, this CV is recommended for people who have a wide working experience.

Join now! And see our chronological model of curriculum. You will not be disappointed. You will find it in the last stage of the registration process.

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Reasons to use Jobartis

The best CVs
Jobartis priority number 1 is to keep a database up to date with the best candidates.

Focus on Africa
Jobartis focuses its efforts on obtaining the best African candidates, without neglecting relevant candidates from other countries.

Referral Portal
We act as a natural meeting point between candidates and companies.

Save time
Thanks to our efforts to maintain a database of the highest level, you will have gained valuable time in the search for candidates.

Save money
The most competitive alternative of all existing in Africa.

The CVs you will not need to fill your incoming mail unnecessarily. They will be ranked on our platform, for you to download your convenience.

Candidate screening
We provide the tools to filter incoming CVs in a simple, intuitive and effective way.

Max accurate ad
We give you the possibility to publish your ad for the type of candidate you want.

High brand visibility
Your brand will be recognizable as long as you want, as long as you want.

Prices and services offers the best possible distribution to your recruitment needs for the African market. We put the most advanced technology tool and the most professional customer service department to ensure that the candidates with the best profiles know their needs.

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