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We understand that every company is different and Jobartis has the solutions for you.

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  • Don't have time to recruit? We do it for you
  • How much time you can spend recruiting? We serve all needs
  • From CV filtering or interview scheduling to full recruiting, we have the solution for you.
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Recruitment solutions

  • Maximize productivity thanks to our innovative HR management digital tool
  • We take care of all the administrative, financial, social, tax and labour aspects
  • Remove the administrative burden, minimize costs and focus your efforts on your business
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Why Jobartis?


Brand in recruitment
Jobartis number one priority is to have an up to date database of the best candidatesWe're the most competitive alternative of all existing in South Africa. Choose Jobartis and save.

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CVs at your disposal
We provide the tools to filter the received CVs in a simple, intuitive and effective way.Thanks to our efforts to maintain a high quality database, you will save valuable time in the search for candidates.
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Employers trust Jobartis
Companies choose Jobartis for an effective recruitment and brand promotion.Companies choose Jobartis for an effective recruitment and brand promotion.


Of the online population in our database
Jobartis focuses its efforts on obtaining the best national candidates in South Africa and in the diaspora, without neglecting relevant foreigners.

New cutting-edge recruitment tools

Recruitment dashboard

Keep track of all the processes from one app

Candidate management system

Rank candidates by relevance

Innovative video interview tool

Now with Jobartis you can interview candidates online and without leaving the platform

Schedule vídeo interviews

See scheduled interviews directly in your calendar.

Invite candidates by email.

Candidates receive an email with a link to participate in an interview.

Conduct interviews without leaving Jobartis.

Everything in a simple and organized way from your Jobartis account.

Revolutionary assessment tools

With Jobartis you can assess candidates with our range of competency and psychotechnical tests.

Specific skills for all positions

Hire the best candidates for the job

Filter candidates by test results

Hire the candidates best suited to your needs

  • The best candidate filter technology

  • The biggest candidates database

  • The most advanced tools

  • Personalized custoemr service

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