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Business Analyst
Trailblazing Business Analysts wanted

Become more at Entelect, one of SA’s leading software engineering and solutions companies, voted the Best Company to Work For.

When you join Entelect, you’re not just joining a leading software development company, you become part of something bigger. You become part of a team of ambitious, confident, motivated and smart people, who will inspire you to go further, to do more than you thought possible.

You become part of a company that sees potential: potential in our clients, potential in our products and potential in you. Because we believe that if we give you everything you need to be successful, you will be, and you will become more and do great things.

Entelect Business Analyst

As an Entelect Business Analyst, you’re always inquisitive. You have a thorough understanding of business rules and processes so that you can steer the business in the direction of its strategic goals. You’re a creative thinker who wears multiple hats. You switch easily between business process modelling, decision modelling, translation between business and technical systems analysis. You use your excellent communication skills and analysis smarts to translate between business’s awesome ideas and the dev teams that make them a reality.

Your elevator pitch – what you’ll tell people you do

“I work with the best minds in the industry to solve complex business problems for our clients. I analyse the design of technical systems, models, processes and strategic needs to ensure that we can deliver solutions with excellence and impact.”

What you’ll actually be doing

  • Joining a company with more than 2 decades’ experience in bringing business ideas to life through the use of technology; a company known for hiring, continuously growing, and retaining the best people in the industry.
  • Working with teams with a common goal: to solve complex business problems, to drive excellence and to make an impact, while pushing yourself and others to become more.
  • Using your combination of technical and functional analysis expertise to improve existing or proposed business innovations.
  • Facilitating communication between business owners and technical teams to ensure the best outcome with the biggest impact for our customers.

How you’ll do this

  • By being the liaison between stakeholders to ensure open and transparent communication and common objectives.
  • By understanding the business, the market and the technology to design the blueprint for business innovations.
  • By pushing the limits, asking the questions and challenging preconceived notions of what’s possible. Because, at Entelect, we believe everything is possible.
  • By being agile and planning properly, but being open and able to accommodate change when necessary. So you prioritise, you adjust and you get things done.
  • By having access to everything you need to become the best at what you do: the facilities, resources and autonomy you need to become more.

What we’ve worked on lately

At Entelect, we’re working on more than 80 projects at any given time. Here are some to whet your appetite:

  • Building loyalty platforms designed to drive consumer behaviour and help improve the health and wellness of South Africans.
  • Designing and developing high-performance web applications that enable multinational organisations to track risks, including fraud and white collar crime, across the globe, in real time.
  • Developing software for a surgical skill simulation portal that measures surgical skill proficiency; enabling trainee surgeons to practice, track and measure their skills remotely.
  • Imagining, designing and implementing an Android app for an agricultural company to help agronomists and sales agents share valuable data in real time; optimising smart agriculture solutions in an industry that is highly susceptible to minor fluctuations in conditions.
  • Helping one of South Africa’s largest vehicle fleet management companies accurately price project costs for hundreds of specialised vehicles, down to the cents per kilometre, to provide more competitive products to consumers.
  • Developing reliable processes, visual dashboards and tracking tools to monitor the delivery of schoolbooks across South Africa.
  • Learning and implementing complex tax and duty tracking tools that enable the world’s largest commodity traders to operate in multiple markets.

What your typical day could look like

You arrive at the office and grab your favourite cup of coffee. You high five your colleagues, who are busy discussing the social meet-up that’s happening tonight. You make a mental note to let your partner know that you’ll be out for dinner. That’s on us.

You run through your mails, plan your day and prioritise. You join stand up for your Scrum team and bring your subject matter expertise to the table and assist in removing any roadblocks.

You head into a customer meeting, where you discuss their specific expectations and how we can meet – and exceed – those.

Back at your desk, you Slack the dev team to relay some new information from the customer, and update the necessary scope documentation and user stories before adding them to the backlog.

Before grabbing lunch, you get side-tracked by a debate taking place in another squad regarding which user experience path to follow. You add your two cents, which proves to be super valuable and changes the direction of their project. More high fives and back pats. Good job!

You spend the next few hours analysing the status of ongoing projects and recommend improvements or a different approach; you review a business requirement document for a new project and start planning potential success criteria for it. Satisfied that all projects are on track, you stop by the bar for a drink with your colleagues while deciding whether to stay for tonight’s social club or head straight home.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow will be too.

What we need from you

  • A bachelor’s degree in IT or Sciences.
  • Previous experience in a software engineering related discipline.
  • Strong ability to translate business requirements into detailed specifications and interface with technical teams.
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge of and experience in business systems and processes.
  • Strong attention to detail but viewed from a ‘bigger picture’ perspective.
  • Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals.
  • A hunger to continually improve by constantly evolving and adapting your skills.
  • A desire to embrace a challenge and be driven by excellence.
  • The ability to collaborate and bring your unique contributions to a team environment.
  • A passion to build strong relationships and a great career.
  • A friendly outlook.

What you’ll get from us:

  • Exposure to the best technologies and cool projects.
  • Quarterly performance reviews, biannual reviews and performance-based salary increases, as well as an annual performance-based bonus to assist you in achieving your career goals.
  • Exposure to Entelect’s in-house continuous development programmes, offering training on everything from leadership to deep technical skills, to empower you to become more.
  • Exposure to the full SDLC process, including analysis, design and implementation.
  • Participation in our “1Up” rewards programme, where you’ll receive rewards for doing cool things, like attending training events, social functions or just for doing a good job.
  • Competitive package, including a variety of commission incentives and bonus structures.


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