CCOE Senior Operations Manager

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CCOE Senior Operations Manager

CCOE Senior Operations Manager

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The Managed Services (MS) Senior Operations Manager operates as part of the Global Center of Excellence and is accountable for service delivery in the CoE’s in the provision of the highest level of client satisfaction and the successful continuance of business operations within Dimension Data.

They assist with the oversee and support of the delivery of managed services and work with a team of Managed Services – Operations Managers to meet business objectives.

Working at NTT

Stakeholder engagement

  • Internal: Engage with internal MS Service Engineers and other functions, including ones in region/country.
  • External: Clients, vendors, strategic partners

Value Chain Linkage

  • Managed Services Operations Center (OC)
  • Managed Services Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Managed Services Transition
  • Managed Services Cross Functional Services

Skills and attributes

Service level management

Ensures that a catalogue of available services is created and maintained and that service level agreements are complete and cost effective. Ensures that service delivery is monitored effectively and that identified actions to maintain or improve levels of service are implemented. Ensures that operational methods, procedures, facilities and tools are established, reviewed and maintained. Negotiates with relevant parties in respect of disruptions and major amendments to the provision of services. Reviews service delivery to ensure that agreed targets are met and prepares proposals to meet forecast changes in the level or type of service.

Performance management

Manages individuals and groups. Allocates responsibilities and/or packages of work, including supervisory responsibilities. Delegates responsibilities as appropriate. Sets performance targets, and monitors progress against agreed quality and performance criteria. Provides effective feedback, throughout the performance management cycle, to ensure optimum performance. Proactively works to ensure effective working relationships within the team and with those whom the team interacts with. Provides support and guidance as required, in line with individuals’ abilities. Advises individuals on career paths and encourages pro-active development of skills and capabilities and provides mentoring to support professional development. Provides input in to formal processes such as compensation negotiations and disciplinary procedures.

Conformance review

Plans formal reviews of activities, processes, products or services. Evaluates and independently appraises the internal control of processes, based on investigative evidence and assessments undertaken by self or team. Ensures that independent appraisals follow agreed procedure and advises others on the review process. Provides advice to management on ways of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their control mechanisms. Identifies and evaluates associated risks and how they can be reduced.

Customer service support

Responsible for day-to-day management, resource planning and work allocation to meet agreed service levels. Specifies, agrees and applies standards. Ensures that tracking and monitoring of performance of service delivery through all channels (human, digital, self-service, automated) is carried out, metrics and reports are analysed, and issues are resolved. Drafts and maintains policy, standards and procedures for the customer service or service desk functions. Ensures that the catalogue of requestaFble and supported services is complete and current.

Relationship management

Identifies the communications and relationship needs of stakeholder groups. Translates communications/stakeholder engagement strategies into specific activities and deliverables. Facilitates open communication and discussion between stakeholders, acting as a single point of contact by developing, maintaining and working to stakeholder engagement strategies and plans. Provides informed feedback to assess and promote understanding. Facilitates business decision-making processes. Captures and disseminates technical and business information.

Work Outputs

Operations management

The MS Senior Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the day to day running of the Operations Centre or CoE or MSC in line with the performance objectives established by the business. They evaluate maximum up-time and the accurate and early response to client operational issues. The Managed Services Senior Operations Manager is responsible for providing operational support and continuous service improvement initiatives post client handover from PS (or other) teams. By driving the service delivery to clients from the Operations Centre, CoE or MSC, this position is able to ensure the consistent achievement of objectives as outlined by the Service Level agreement. This role is responsible for ensuring the accurate resources allocation and planning of all direct reports.

Service delivery management

The MS Senior Operations Manager oversees and evaluates the resource planning and work allocation to meet agreed service levels. They supervise all elements of the Operations Centre to drive the achievement of excellent service delivery levels. This position ensures that standardised service management service operations (SMSO) has been applied to deliver managed services.

Service level management

The MS Senior Operations Manager is responsible for reviewing all operational and business reports with keen focus on success rate of meeting client service levels. By doing this, the MS Senior Operations Manager is able to provide service improvement that meet or exceed client service delivery standards. This includes the perusal and review of client reviews They identify opportunities for continuous service improvement.

Client incidents

MS Senior Operations Managers oversees the management of client incidents by ensuring the correct process of investigating and providing solutions has been used. These individuals follow established procedures in terms of major incidents, root cause analysis, problem management, communication and incident management.

Continuous service improvement

This role engages with stakeholders for technical operations as part of routine operations. This position is responsible for planning and implementing key service improvement priorities based on a continual service improvement approach. The MS Senior Operations Manager supervises the implementation of continual service improvement priorities.This would include implementation of optimized mode of delivery providing feedback to relevant business functions to optimize This should help scale the business, optimize delivery of service with an objective of providing improved level of service and provide outcomes to the client at an improved better and faster rate. Research new techniques and alternative methods to increase efficiency.

Client satisfaction

Apply necessary processes and procedures to meet or improve client satisfaction requirements, as defined by the business. Assist with the development of client service policies, procedures and standards that will ensure the continued satisfaction of Dimension Data clients. The Service Senior Operations Manager engages internal teams, Dimension Data stakeholders, Managed Services Operations Managers, regions, countries and clients to capture client feedback and/or to discuss possible improvements to services provided.

People management

These individuals are responsible for day to day management of the Managed Services – Operations Managers, creating and executing on plans and reporting on the activities required by the business. They also ensure that employees reporting to them are motivated, engaged and understand their career opportunities, by taking responsibility for the training and development of their team members. MS Senior Operations Managers are also expected to guide the team through transformational objectives set out by the business.

Next career steps

  • MS Operations Director Manager

Education required

  • General qualification in Technology (Technology Diploma)

Certifications required & optional

  • ITIL foundation certification (V3 or latest)
  • Relevant technical certifications as required for working as part of a CoE’s
  • MSDC
  • MSCE
  • Storage certifications
  • VMware
  • MNS – CCNA or CCIE

Work experience required

  • 15-17 years’ work experience
  • At least 12 years’ experience in management of people, process and technology
  • Relevant experience in Data Centre or Collaboration or Microsoft 0365 stack
  • Good organisational skills
  • Required level of leadership and management experience to manage larger teams and collaborate and influence senior managers
  • Experience in organisational change management (transformational experience)
  • Understands budgets and cost management
  • Strong effective time management, prioritisation and delegation of work skills
  • Experience in coaching and mentoring teams on a daily basis
  • Demonstrated experience in implementation of continual service improvement in previous roles (through automation, process enhancements, etc)

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